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Venue Sales teams improve Product Quality by Personal Mastery

In the recent climate of economic down-turn , Function Sales Managers of even the most revered event space at historic museums and venues have been faced with interesting challenges. Re-thinking  the “spend” of events, corporate and association planners, fund-raising and social planners have found creative ways of entertaining without the perception of grandeur and, what some perceive as “waste”. To some, this seemed like a good time to conserve and, by putting the proverbial brakes on what has been traditional procedure for decades ,  the event-venue industry found its  once-dependable client changing its traditional use of attractive and inspirational venues. A daunting situation: What will be the solution?
Many Sales and Function Managers have taken this opportunity to reexamine the systems in place for presenting and marketing their glorious venue spaces.  In 2011, DWC is offering expert knowledge in event-venue sales, creating successful methods of positioning the venue for the needs of the industry, gearing up a team’s skills for client services in this competitive time.
February will see the completion of a series of seminars, given for all Product, Service, Sales and Event Management of the John F. Kennedy Museum and Library. Challenging this savvy team to be individual masters of their success, Donna Wolfe has guided them to hone their already considerable skills, individually and as a team. Productivity and quality of  services have been measurably improved with great attention to teamwork.
DWC has worked in 2010 with The Harvard Art Museums and The Old State House toward similar goals.
From initial personal inventory to creative solutions-in-place, DWC provides a unique look at where your team stands in the big picture of sales, and works with you to  provide a custom-made sales  system, easily  embraced, using  your  existing individual capabilities!

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